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The Beautiful Path: WoW New Player Experience Critique

Takeaways The New Player experience tends to follow the pattern of "teach the player three times"  The Beautiful Path: WoW New Player Experience Critique The good: Effectively introduces the player to core mechanics and game loops in the game, as well as familiarizing them with controls and player progression systems. In the early parts of the tutorial sequence for WoW characters, the player is asked to hit a target dummy.  The player is told via text, verbally, and then visually with obvious indicators to execute the attack. This combination of "teach the player three times" is a key lesson explained in one of our USC courses- games often have a lot going on, and their complicated systems require reinforcement and time for players to grasp them. The bad (what can be improved): Feels very much tutorial-y, and the premise of the locale, while believable, is not immersive and feels removed from the rest of the game and the way WoW is marketed to the public (there are